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Company History

Hamm Signs is a family business owned by Chuck Hamm. In 1957, the family moved to Florida and started an art supply business in 1959.

This was not their true calling however, because Chuck's father later opened this sign shop right next door to continue the work he'd been doing since he was 16. When he originally opened the shop, he created everything by hand. He passed this expertise along to his son and taught him that layout and design are the most important aspects of custom signage.

In 1994, Chuck came back home to assist his father in the family business. He worked with him to expand their customer base and continued the tradition of providing quality workmanship. Necessary updates to the shop and equipment have been made through the years, including the addition of a computer that generates vinyl signs.

Chuck has since taken over the business, and he hopes to uphold the great name his father has created. He is very proud of his company and its heritage.

Hamm Signs is the sign shop you can count on for quality craftsmanship.
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